Instructions for downloading and playing LibriVox books on an iPhone

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Post by dpnMikeMercury » March 20th, 2019, 4:41 am

Instructions for beginners on how to download and play LibriVox books on an iPhone, using only the apps and services that come standard with the iPhone, without needing a computer, can be found here:

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Post by kayray » March 20th, 2019, 7:47 am

Whoa, that's really cool! I had no idea this was possible. I tried it out, and I have just a few suggestions for edits that will make it easier for the non-techies out there (I was imagining that I was my mom... :D ) Of course, to be absolutely Mom-safe, you'd need to post annotated screenshots. :)
3. Tap the green DOWNLOAD button. Downloading a large book can take a long time. Keep an eye on the skinny blue progress bar near the top.

4. Tap Files. (If Files is not an option, tap More, then tap Save to Files. If Save to Files is not an option, tap the lower set of three dots at the far right of the screen and toggle Save to Files on, then DONE, then tap the Save to Files icon)

7. Open the Files app by tapping its icon. Its icon looks like a blue file folder on a white background.

10a Tap your book (it will say "zip" at the left)

(second bullet point)
To navigate various chapters, tap the icon of a bulleted list in the bottom right corner. Check this right away to make sure the first chapter that plays will be Chapter 1
Thanks for posting this neat technique! I also noticed that, after downloading the zip, I had the option of opening it with my favorite podcast app (Bookmobile). Super cool. I usually subscribe via the RSS link but this way would ensure that all the chapters are downloaded before I start to listen. :)
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