wiki page 1-minute-tests - maybe change the passus of raw file?

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Post by moniaqua » September 28th, 2018, 1:50 am


lately I did some 1-minute-tests again and felt that over the last years quality has changed dramatically with the new (USB-)microphones. People often use way better equipment than in earlier times.

The tests I have where readers, according to the wiki page:
Generally with the initial 1-Minute Test recording it's best to submit a raw, unprocessed file, so that the listeners can help evaluate your setup and recording environment.
send in not even amplified files unnecessarily seems way more than the ones where a raw file makes sense. I often feel like teasing the readers when they read the wiki, do as is written there and then I come and say, all nice, but the volume is too low/high.

I'd rather ask for the raw file if necessary instead. So I am wondering if it was possible to change the wiki, maybe like
Send in the file processed as you would a normal recording. The person who listens may ask you to provide a "raw" file (mp3, but not processed, i.e. for example no noise reduction applied) so that she can help evaluate your setup and recording environment better.

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