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Ending silence

Posted: July 16th, 2017, 11:45 am
by queenk8
I'm just looking for formal clarification: at some point, a few months ago, I saw a discussion noting that 10 seconds of ending silence was too long, regardless of the file length. Apparently there once was an issue with files being cut off by some software, thus the silence at the end, but that no longer happens and 5 seconds was deemed okay. So, I have been consistently leaving just 5 seconds of silence even on files >30 minutes. However, some projects still list the 10 second requirement, and proof listeners will ask that the silence be extended, and we enter into the silence discussion all over again. Which is the correct standard? 5 seconds or 10 on files >30 minutes? If it's 5, can the project template be updated? I'd love to have this officially put to rest. Thanks!

Re: Ending silence

Posted: July 16th, 2017, 11:57 am
by lezer
Hi Kate,
You're right, it is confusing at the moment. Good that you bring up the point.

Some history: some audio players indeed seemed to cut off a few seconds at the end, and when that was tested out about 10 years ago, we reached the conclusion that it should be 5 sec silence in general, but 10 sec if the file was longer than 30 sec. So this was standard for about 10 years, and the template was built that way.

Recently (within the last 6 months or so, I believe) someone rightly brought up this subject and some of us looked into the issue again. We decided that it was probably safe and convenient to stick to the 5 sec end-silence, but that the 10 sec was really not necessary anymore nowadays. So that's a very new decision.

1) The template: unfortunately, we are not able to change or update that at the moment - there are some other glitches in it as well. So it's on the list of things that should be done. For now, as an MC, I try to remember to change it by hand in the first post of new projects that I pick up. I may sometimes forget. Don't hesitate to ask about it in a specific project thread if you suspect it may have been forgotten in new projects.
2) in older projects that were already running at the time of this decision: most projects were just left as is, we decided not to change all the already submitted files - so in older projects you may still find it in the first post and it's OK.

If there's a specific project you're unsure about, let us know, or just post in the project thread itself, and the MC/BC can clarify.

It's just one of the quirks of this volunteer ensemble, I guess... We're all still getting used to it. At least, I am...

Re: Ending silence

Posted: July 16th, 2017, 12:59 pm
by queenk8
Thanks for the thorough explanation, Anna! I'll just keep bringing it up if it gets called out by the PL. Much appreciated!

Re: Ending silence

Posted: July 16th, 2017, 2:17 pm
by TriciaG
Here's an "official" post about it, if you want to include the link for anyone: viewtopic.php?p=1310595#p1310595

Re: Ending silence

Posted: July 16th, 2017, 2:51 pm
by queenk8
TriciaG wrote:Here's an "official" post about it, if you want to include the link for anyone: viewtopic.php?p=1310595#p1310595
Thanks! I tried searching, but didn't find it, but I'll save the link in favorites this time.

Re: Ending silence

Posted: July 17th, 2017, 3:20 am
by Elizabby
As the BC, I try to remember to change it in the first post, but there is a lot of information there and particularly readers who have been here for a long time don't read everything in the template.

My current posture is to ask for 5 seconds at the end of every file, but will accept 10 seconds on longer files. If there are no other PL notes I don't even mention it.