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I know about librivox for a few years. Do not remember exactly for how long, but probably since when I start looking for english content to start learning language. As I remember I did download a few books some years ago, and they didn't serve the purpose - books english is very different from internet / movies / radio english. So, I did not undersand a word from it and as result I forgot about your site for some time.

Until now. Years passed, I move my personal focus to audio books to expand my undestanding of the word around me and since I prefer to lie down with my eyes closed and expand my consciousness I choice audio books and listening for them lie-down on my bed over reading them manually sitting on a char. I start mostly for books readed in my native language. Turns out it wan't a bad language, as I tough before! After I enjoy my first experence I start looking for places on internet where I can download more books for free. I found a few web sites with audiobooks where some books shared by entusiasts, and some were even readed by readers inspired with idea of free knowladge and fun with no boarders - like freedom.

Since searching, downloading and listening can be a hard task, I created a open-source Torrent Client which helps to find, download, share and play audio books with some nice feature like keeping current playlist position, playing audio books from archives (zip, rar, yes. some sites share audio books from archive). I like this app so much, so I decide to adopt it to more web sites - so more people can enjoy this experience, and librivox one of the web sites I'm wiling to support.

People now can download, listen audio books and share them with a few clicks, fun and no ads. One slogan which I put in my Torrent Client says:

"Real pirates steal author's rights, don't be like them - share!"

Which means - companies or individuals who deliberately takes away one of right described by constitution (and given by God) - free access to any information - are pirates! And this includes DMCA and other criminal acts signed by some persons in govermant. Not going to expand this idea in full in this letter...

So I made this app:

Which helps people to download, listen and share books from libribox web site. And I come to forum to tell about this application to your users. If you like the app you improve it and upload it to google store as official librivox player!

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Moving this to the Discussion forum.

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