How to specify Apostrophe and Spaces when using API?

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Post by effahid » May 29th, 2017, 11:35 am

Hi All

First post here. I'm working on an Android APP which uses Librivox API and had a technical question.

In order to retrieve a set of a books for a specific genre, I'm able to do

The above works and i'm able to also specify the limit and offset.

However, how do I specify genres with spaces and apostrophes in the name?
For example, how do I get the books for the genre, for example

Children's Fiction > Action & Adventure ? ( which is available when browsing the catalog )

I tried to guess it but none of the action_adventure,action-and-adventure, childrens_fiction, childrens-fiction, children_fiction works

The Dev notes page only mentions specifying the genre name in the query, but that only works for single word genres.

Thank you

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