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Post by VfkaBT » April 6th, 2016, 7:14 am

PG just posted a couple of these copyright books, this one covering part of 1978:

Does anyone know if there is a book of periodicals and books that did not have their copyrights renewed? Special interest would be in periodicals; DP has provided PG with hundreds of short science fiction stories from Galaxy Magazine and other sf rags, but what about other genre (romance, detective, western, etc) literary magazines pre-1964?
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Post by RuthieG » April 6th, 2016, 7:32 am

I think the reason there have been so many Science Fiction stories researched for non-renewal, transcribed by DP, and posted to PG is the sterling work done by Greg Weeks, who has a particular interest in that genre. Our policy is only to allow LibriVox recordings of post-1922 works if they have been cleared by Project Gutenberg, so I'm afraid someone who has an interest in other genres will have to do the (considerable) leg-work on these, and submit them for clearance to PG, as Greg has done for the sci-fi.

This page appears to offer good advice on the subject, as does PG's page on its requirements for Rule 6 copyright clearance. It's not for the faint-hearted! As PG says (and no. 2 is particularly difficult for periodicals):
Project Gutenberg insists that that Rule 6 copyright clearance requests are submitted by persons who have demonstrated their ability to do accurate and complete copyright research. Rule 6 clearance research must include three components:
  1. Biographical research, to provide details of the nationality of the author, any pseudonames, date of death (if applicable), and other information about the author(s).
  2. Bibliographical reseach, to provide details of when and where the item was first published, whether it was serialized, whether it was republished under alternate titles or as part of another collection, and other details on the publication history of the item.
  3. Renewal research, to show that there are no copyright renewals that apply to the item.
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