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Post by SonOfTheExiles » April 5th, 2016, 3:08 pm

I wonder whether this concept would be better than the 11-word idea for the 11th anniversary podcast? A gimmick's all very well, but unless it actually works in the real world, it's "New Coke" all over again.

I looked back at the previous anniversary podcasts, and figured the timings, based on a similar participation rate. Seemed way too short for a podcast.

With this approach, people get to talk about themselves, the particular authors/genres/styles they like, then get to deliver the quatrain. (Or would it be better with the quatrain first? Hmm...) As a podcast, with that Creative Commons thing, we wouldn't need to do the intro/outro dance, would we?

So, just to clarify ... this is the proper definition of a "quatrain"? Four lines, right? Not just a complete poem, can just be a stanza of a longer poem?

If we could get a similar participation rate to two or three months of the Short Poetry Collection, this could be the biggest thing since "Cats"!

Could I please get a show of hands as to who would be interested in this alternative approach for an 11th Anniversary Podcast?

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