Anyone living/visiting near Otley (UK) ?

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Post by annise » July 23rd, 2015, 4:41 am

We've received an email . Anyone interested in helping on our behalf in any way , I can pass on an email address and a phone number - it doesn't seem right to post it here.

I'm organising a literature event at Otley Courthouse Arts Centre from 3-6 March 2016.

On Saturday 5 March we are holding a BookFair, where we anticipate featuring local independent presses, plus the Leeds Library (the oldest private subscription library in the country); we have also approached Harewood House to feature their library with us in some way.

I'm wondering if there is anyway in which Librivox could be present at our BookFair, either in person in some way, or electronically? I have listened to several audio books through Librivox and truly it has changed how I now absorb and perceive novels, and the voice in which they were intended to be read and in which I now read them - its been an interesting journey, which still continues.

Otley is a market town just north of Leeds, in the Wharfe Valley, with an active literature scene of poets, novelists and short story writers. The Courthouse is an arts and community centre - you can find out more about the Courthouse at

I do hope we can find a way of including Librivox - I've also emailed Project Gutenberg to see if we can find a way for them to join us as well.

Best wishes

Glenis Burgess

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