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Post by icequeen » June 11th, 2020, 8:52 pm

From our Thank a Reader feature:

the audio version of this text will allow me to take notes while reading? listening? consuming the story, people who spend their time working for a public benefit are the cornerstone of what makes the internet a good resource, thank you

"Qui res mundi vellet scire linguam Latinam cognoscat."

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Post by m8b1 » June 12th, 2020, 1:10 pm

From a listener:
You guys are the greatest, May God bless you guys and strengthen you all continually. I'm so greatful!, I wanted to create a YouTube channel on teaching God's word, but due to copyright issues on every audiobook of the Bible out there, it's been impossible to do so. But I'm greatful for you guys. May God bless 😇🙏❣️ you guys for each word of this holy book that reaches out into the world. Thanks Alot!!!

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