Do Passwords Automatically Get Reset?

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Post by JachinandBoaz » September 20th, 2020, 3:54 pm

Good afternoon -

I had an odd issue come up this evening. I tried logging onto Librivox after being off for about 6 days and my password would not work. I'm trying to figure out how this happened, and then I was thinking, does the forum automatically demand that the password be changed after a certain amount of time? This may also have just been a problem with my mac: I just upgraded the OS before logging into Librivox.


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Post by Availle » September 20th, 2020, 3:57 pm

There is no automatic pw reset, you'll have to do it on your own :wink:

There are several passwords associated with your account
- the forum password
- the workflow password (the one for the MW, which also works for the uploader; same username, different password)
- the generic uploader password.

Maybe you got them mixed up?
Cheers, Ava.
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