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Post by anitagraham » April 28th, 2020, 3:03 pm

Hello new friends,

I am just getting started, and so excited to join in! I love words and story.

So, my first issue is that when I go to Audacity 2.0 as recommended,
I find it is not really free. They want my credit card information and it
states after the free introduction, I will be billed $39.99 a month.
Is there something I can do to avoid this? I do have a Mac laptop,
though an older one. Isn't Audacity an app that's linked to Macs?

Many thanks for any enlightenment,

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Post by Availle » April 28th, 2020, 3:07 pm

Audacity is free software, and can be downloaded for free from this page: (Latest Version: 2.3.3)

I don't know anything about Macs though, but it seems from that page that as long as you're not running Catalina, you'll be fine.
Cheers, Ava.
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Post by mightyfelix » April 28th, 2020, 3:52 pm

By "linked to Macs," do you mean built in? As far as I know, it isn't built in to any operating system.

It really is free, though. It may be that you tried to download it from an imposter website, because you shouldn't have to enter any information like that. Try again from the link that Ava just posted.

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