Someone selling a Librivox Recording on Ebay?

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Post by TenorBoy » March 25th, 2020, 9:40 pm


I didn't know what to do with this information and so I figured I'd put it here. I found Librivox's Huck Finn recording (I know it's the one because my name is credited in the description) on Ebay?

Is there anything we can/should do about this? The seller is selling it for 7.85.

I don't know if there's anything to do? I could email Ebay but I don't know if it's worth it.

I hope everyone is well,

Ashur :)
Ashur Gharavi

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Post by annise » March 26th, 2020, 12:41 am

They are adding to the PD recording - there isn't anything wrong with that - they have to buy the disk , add the recording so they are providing a service.


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Post by TriciaG » March 26th, 2020, 5:33 am

To expand on what Anne said:

Because we release the recordings into the public domain, people can resell them if they wish. It's 100% legal. See the first section of this wiki page for more info:
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The one that started them all: Self-Help, by Samuel Smiles
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Post by mightyfelix » March 26th, 2020, 2:50 pm

If I were you, I'd be grateful that my name was credited correctly. There have been others *ahem Audible* who've done the same thing, except they made up a fake name for the reader. It's just as legal, but kind of a slap in the face not to even credit the person who did the majority of the work.

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