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I would like to record a magazine, The Chameleon, which was published in 1894 and includes contributions from Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas. The magazine played an important role in the cross-examination at Wilde's trial.

Unfortunately, the only complete version of the magazine I can find is a reprint on Hathitrust from 1978. Of course, this would usually be an open and shut case: the edition was published after the PD cutoff and so can't be read.

However, the title page reads "The Chameleon: A Facsimile Edition", and, after scrolling past the more modern introductory essay, the book appears to be a page-by-page photocopy of the original magazine.

The British Library has posted a few pages from the magazine. Comparing these with the pages in the 1978 edition (the facsimile pages start here), it is clear that they are identical: not just in the text but in the design etc. They really are photocopies.

So I would be grateful if any admins could give me some guidance on whether it would be permissible to read from the facsimile edition.
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