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Post by knittedpiano » April 29th, 2019, 10:22 am

What do I do if my DPL hasn't listened to any of my recordings for several months? Do I look for another, or what?


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Post by chocoholic » April 29th, 2019, 12:01 pm

Check with your MC first. There might be something going on with your DPL behind the scenes, and your MC can investigate. If the DPL really has vanished or can't listen for whatever reason, then yes, you might need to post an ad for a new one.
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Post by Elizabby » May 1st, 2019, 12:25 am

Have you sent a PM (Private Message)? Most people get notifications on their messages, and this may help if the DPL has accidentally unsubscribed from the project or something similar, and just hasn't received the notifications of the new posts. I would definitely do this if your DPL has been around on the LV forums but just hasn't checked into your project!

I would usually send a message offering the DPL a graceful "out" just in case they don't want to continue. I'd often say something like: I've got a few files waiting in the MW at the moment, are you still up for DPLing for this project or are you no longer wanting to do that for me?

Personally, I believe in making it easy for people to resign their position, because it is much worse for everyone if a person insists on keeping the job, but doesn't actually do it. Or is avoiding it for some reason but doesn't feel able to say so. Much better for the project if the person just says "Oh, this project isn't what I was expecting, can I give it back?" or "I did want to do it but my circumstances have changed and I no longer have the time." At least that way you know where you stand and can either get a new DPL, or just list the project in the Listener's forum and get people to listen to a few chapters without signing up as DPL for the whole project.

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