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Post by RuthP » November 27th, 2018, 8:39 am

HI everyone!

i have just joined this forum.
I am interested to know if anyone uses chrome book to make their recordings.
I see that there is some recording software that comes with chrome, but audacity is not one of them.
I went on the audacity website and it would seem that it is not compatible with Chrome book.

would be grateful for any suggestions!

Thank you


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Post by tovarisch » November 27th, 2018, 9:30 am

Audacity has not yet been ported to ChromeOS. Your best bet is probably the Twisted Wave sound editor.
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Post by RuthP » November 27th, 2018, 10:00 am

Thank you for your help, I shall look into twisted wave sound editor.

Appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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Post by JayKitty76 » November 27th, 2018, 5:32 pm

Hi Ruth,
Welcome to LV!
GarageBand is also a good bet for mobile devices- it has decent recording materials. Most of the volunteers here use PCs or laptops, so I wouldn't be sure myself about using Chromebook, but yeah, like Tovarisch said, Twisted Wave is a great alternative.
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