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Post by raouf » August 7th, 2006, 11:15 am

  • . Breathe slowly and deeply
    . Warm up by pulling faces, yawning, eating pretend toffee
    . Slow down first six words - that helps set smooth rhythm
    . Emphasise key words
    . Cast yourself in role of storyteller
From Caroline Goyder, a voice coach at the Central School of Speech and Drama, has worked with office staff, a best man, call centre workers, refugee doctors and Big Issue sellers as well as aspiring actors.
"I encourage them to breathe more deeply because it supports the voice. Focus on the out-breath - breathe out through your mouth for as long as possible, then in through the nose. That really helps to calm you down as well. You can do it sitting, standing, walking down a corridor."

She also recommends reading aloud regularly, to build vocal stamina and confidence in hearing your own voice.

To encourage people to modulate their voices, Ms Goyder suggests throwing a ball - or punching or kicking - on key words. Obviously it's not done to punch your way through a Power Point presentation, but practising in this way encourages the speaker to throw important words out.

"If they overdo something, make it too big, when they go back to normal, they've made a few steps without even noticing."

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Post by earthcalling » August 7th, 2006, 2:50 pm

Well spotted, Raouf!

I followed the link, and left a comment mentioning LibriVox. Of course, they may not publish it, but we'll see...


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