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The 2 Google spreadsheets linked below are an update to the previous method of tracking links from LibriVox to Wikipedia and from Wikipedia to LibriVox.
Ekzemplaro (Masa San ) was maintaining a single database/spreadsheet of LibriVox and Wikipedia information commonly referred to as Ekzemplaro's list. Ekzemplaro's list was last updated in October of 2016 and only he was able access to edit the list. Information from Ekzemplaro's database was included in the new lists. These spreadsheets have a new format with Yes/No columns and edit access is shared by a few volunteers. The information contained in these lists is a useful "work in progress".

Mahne automated the online date columns and transclusions lists (which show information on links from Wikipedia to Librivox); the transclusion checks wiki pages against the main sheet. When you download a copy of either of the lists the automated functions may not work properly due to differences in software. You can still search, sort, and filter the rest of the information even when the automated functions produce error messages in specific spreadsheet cells.



Background: LibriVox catalog pages and Wikipedia pages both have a place and specific way to link authors and books to each other. There will not always be a match to link between LibriVox and Wikipedia pages. If you see an interesting topic on Wikipedia and then find a reliable public domain source on the topic, please record it on LibriVox. In 2005 there was a problem with just adding a lot of links and pages to Wikipedia (see About Wikipedia & LibriVox links ).

February 2015, TimoleonWash re-started discussion concerning Librivox and Wikipedia links (see this forum topic Any interest in LibriVox's representation on wikipedia? ). March 2015, TimoleonWash posted, "This linkage from wikipedia to LibriVox has been discussed on earlier LibriVox threads and is now at the point of a viable project. ... In fact, LibriVoxers have permission from wikipedia to link every book possible." (see Project: Link Wikipedia pages to LibriVox recordings ).

Librivox catalog pages: Only Librivox admins can add these links. Please post information about Wikipedia links on Librivox pages in this forum topic.

Wikipedia pages: Some Wikipedia are Open for everyone to edit, others are locked and require a login and access to edit. An experienced Wikipedia editor, ( Green Cardamom ) and TimoleonWash worked together to establish specific templates for LibriVox.

Wikipedia Templates:
Wikipedia's LibriVox Book template:
Wikipedia's LibriVox Author template:

German Wikipedia templates:

If you have a suggestion, more information, or a correction, please post a reply in this thread.

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