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Non-reading activities need your help too!
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Post by annise » January 8th, 2021, 3:31 am

The biggest problem was finding a portrait. And any 2 internet biographies that agreed :roll: I found one that she went off to work in a mission so I had one understanding of her, then the last one I found said she married a man involved in British customs in the Empire and she went there with him, and I guess most of the expat wives helped out in missions to alleviate the boredom so the pictures I did find made more sense.


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Post by TriciaG » January 10th, 2021, 4:24 pm

The Rijksmuseum is a popular stop for tourists visiting the city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. At the museums, visitors can view countless works by old Dutch Masters as well as more modern artists like Van Gogh. The paintings of Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Van Dyck held at the museum are treasures of world art history. These priceless works are among the over 709,000 digitized artworks now available to view for free online. The Rijksmuseum has created an impressive and easy-to-explore online collection with detailed object descriptions. In even better news, most of the digitized works are in the public domain—downloadable and even customizable with the museum's free resources.

The Rijksmuseum's online collections known as Rijks Studio are easily searchable by artist, object type, period, and place. Users will encounter magnificent 17th-century portraits by Frans Hals, realistic still life paintings, and ornate furniture, including one opulent dollhouse in a cabinet. If you start searching the collections, you are sure to find art and artists you never knew existed.
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Post by Lion24 » January 12th, 2021, 3:16 am

annise wrote:
January 11th, 2021, 4:37 pm
Make that 3 covers :oops:

Thanks Anne! :D

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Post by kayray » January 17th, 2021, 9:46 am

To whomever made the cover for my Great Gatsby -- THANK YOU!!!!! I wanted to request that you use that original book jacket art but didn't want to be a prima donna -- so I was THRILLED to see it! It's just what I wished for. Thank you so much <3
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Post by Newgatenovelist » January 17th, 2021, 2:01 pm

A big thank you to Anne for the cover of The Last Lords of Gardonal. I like it a lot!

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Post by pnagami » January 20th, 2021, 7:21 am

Thank you very much for the beautiful cover for:

I could not tell who you were, so I was unable to thank you personally.


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Post by Availle » January 20th, 2021, 7:37 am

You're welcome Pam! I'll finish the pdf and add it tomorrow.
I got a surprise "right here - right now" work assignment, and now I have to go to bed...
Cheers, Ava.
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