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LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: December 9th, 2011, 12:15 am
by bobgon55
LibriVox Community Podcast Planning
This thread's purpose is to inform, inspire, and organize all members of the LibriVox Podcast Production Team - hosts and contributors. ALL LIBRIVOX VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME AND URGED TO BECOME A PART OF PODCAST PRODUCTION. If you are interested in keeping the podcasts as a regular part of the LibriVox universe, please subscribe to this thread, visit to check out updates in podcast programming, and contribute your voice on a regular basis, both literally by recording audio files of any aspect of the LV experience to use in the podcasts, and figuratively by voicing your ideas and opinions about initiatives to improve the quality and quantity of podcasts.

What it is
The LibriVox Community Podcast is an audio file produced somewhat regularly presenting the “news, views and vocalizings” (as Jim Mowatt put it) of the LibriVox international community of audiobook producers.
Who it’s for
The International Community of LibriVox Community Audiobook Producers and their listeners.
Why it’s here
To keep members of the community in touch with one another, keep them motivated and inspired to continue with the project’s mission: to liberate all public domain texts in audio form.
When it can be used
All podcasts can be accessed 24/7 and are best used when you need a boost of fun, energy, motivation, and inspiration or just to keep in touch with the community through the very means we use to liberate books: the spoken word. Just check the links on the top of the page here.
How it works
Any member of the community who has contributed segments to the LibriVox catalog can host a podcast. It's probably a good idea to begin by listening to the most current and many of the archived podcasts and contributing audio segments to the current podcasts. This will get you warmed up and familiar with how the podcasts have been done before. When you feel you are ready, you can sign up on the podcast wiki page to host a podcast. In order to log in so that you can sign up to host, you will need to acquire a wiki password in order to get a wiki account. To request a user account, PM Jc or PM RuthieG. You will be given a username (same as your forum name) and a temporary password. Please include your email address in your PM.

Personally, I think it is better to have shorter shows come out more frequently than having long shows come out less frequently. Of course, since we are all doing this in our spare time and since it even takes time away from doing other LV projects, it is understandable when there are dry spells in podcast production. But if we form a cooperative group so that no one person has the full burden of creating the show, I think we could get shows out sometimes as often as weekly but no less frequently than monthly, with twice monthly being a nice compromise and every three weeks also being OK. Of course, special shows like anniversaries and special events should be as long as the material that is submitted. Actually, so far, I have used or will be using almost every second of what has been submitted to me, only trimming a few seconds here and there.

Below is an informal list of upcoming shows. The "official: list is in the wiki here but this is a preliminary schedule before fully committing to the wiki sign-up list. Please suggest any ideas you have for podcast show themes in a post in this thread.

Podcast Show themes in the works:

# Date Theme
[out of date list removed]

Podcasting Business

Posted: December 9th, 2011, 12:34 am
by bobgon55
This post provides the current snapshot of LibriVox Community Podcast Production

Podcasting Team

Hosts - responsible for producing the podcast show, serves as the "glue" the binds the show into a whole by deciding on a format, soliciting and gathering contributions, arranging the contributions, introducing various segments contributed by correspondents and commentators, editing and preparing the podcast file for release

Correspondents/Roving Reporters/Commentators - contribute audio segments used within podcasts.

Readers - on occasion, readers are needed to read written contributions when correspondents do not provide an audio file.

Team Rosters
These rosters at present are formed of recent podcast contributors and contributors from past years who are still active on LibriVox. Your presence on any of these lists does not commit you in any way. These rosters only serve as reminders of who may be asked to contribute in some way to the podcast. You are, of course, always free to say no to any request. If you would like to be added or removed from any of these rosters, please post a message here or PM me.

Roster of Contributors and Hosts

Hosts: Bob Gonzalez, Algy Pug, Ruth Golding, Lucy Perry, Cori Samuel, Lars Rolander

Correspondents/Roving Reporters/Commentators: Algy Pug, Martin Geeson, Timothy Ferguson, Carol Box, Lucy Perry, Lars Rolander, Linny, Availle, Kristingj, Elizabeth Klett, Arielle Lipshaw, Kara Shallenberg, kri, Cori Samuel


Simply record your audio contribution with the same technical specifications you would use in submitting any LibirVox section:

Channels: 1 (Mono)
Bit Rate: 128 kbps,
Sample Rate: 44100 kHz

If the file is small (3-4 minutes or less) you may send it as a wav file, but mp3 or flac files are more than adequate. Name the file lvcommpdcstxxx_yourforumname (where xxx=the number of the podcast), upload to the ‘cs – Cori’ folder and either post the link in this thread or PM me, Bob Gonzalez (bobgon55). If you really really really don’t have the time or the inclination to record an audio contribution but still want your voice heard, you could send it as a PM and either the host or someone else will read it for the podcast.

* Decide on a format. For a list of suggested formats, see below.
* Sign up for a release date on the LV Comm Podcast wiki page
  • To sign up, you must get access to editing the wiki and then edit the html code
    If you are having too much trouble doing this, post here or PM bobgon55 for help
* Post a thread in Volunteers Wanted: Other Projects announcing the podcast
  • And/or start PMing people you know for contributions
* Collect contributions
* Arrange them in a sequence
* Script & record your introductions, transitions, conclusion, etc. as well as your own contribution,if any.
* Tighten, tweak, normalize, compress, and de-amplify as necessary
* Export as mp3 with all normal LV settings
* Upload to ‘cs – cori’ folder
* Post show notes in the thread for the particular podcast
* Sit back and enjoy

Suggested Ways to Put together a Podcast:

Random – No order whatever. This is probably the easiest, in that all you need to do is string together all the contributions you receive, introducing them or not according to your fancy. These tend to be a bit difficult to listen to, however, as people have no idea what might be coming next.

Beginning, Middle, End – An opening introduction, a series of segments each introduced by the host, and a conclusion (or outro).

Build-Up - Intro, Statistics, Bloopers, New Releases, several features (if available) culminating in the main feature (if available), and then a conclusion (outro).

Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: December 9th, 2011, 12:36 am
by bobgon55

References/Links to all Podcast related areas on LibriVox
Tips on Hosting the Podcast
Catalog/Links of sound files
Renditions of the LV Theme

Sound Effects
Specific to LibriVox Also contains renditions of the LibriVox Theme Music, most often used to start and end podcasts.
Public Domain SFX

Public Domain music
MUSOPEN – Public Domain Classical Music

LibriVox Community Podcasts (Internet Archive Pages)
These archives hold all past LibriVox Community Podcasts. They are a great source of inspiration and LV oral history.

2013-present -
2012 -
2011 -
2010 -
2009 -
2008 -
2007 -
2006 -

LibriVox Community Podcast RSS Feed

To Subscribe to the Librivox Community Podcast, go to:
Or hit this itunes link to get you to the subscribe page:
Recent past and present LibriVox Community Podcast files can be found at our spot on:
Archived shows for previous years can be found at:
2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Archived shownotes for the Community Podcast can be found at:
And the rss feed for those shownotes is:

The first LV Community Podcast thread:


Some other common features of past LibriVox podcasts have been:
[*] The LibriVox statistics. Searching through the catalog and forums reveals the number of sections and completed books to date, by month, by genre, etc.
[*] Promos for your group project are also welcome. If a project of yours is languishing, talk it up on the podcast to rustle up some interest and support.
[*] Sharing some technical or performance advice has been popular in the past.
[*] Interviews with LibriVox volunteers, veterans or rookies.

Or just send a PM or audio about anything relating to LibriVox.
Who knows? You could inspire a whole theme show on that subject!
Ideas for new, special, and regular features are also highly welcome.

If you are interested in being on the team of fairly regular contributors to the podcasts - and by that I mean people who come up with ideas for contributions, record or write contributions, or are interested in being considered to be called called and commissioned to make a specific contribution - please PM me so I can add you to the list of contributing correspondents. This will by no means be an imposing commitment. It will simply mean that you would be willing for me to contact you and request a specific contribution that you would only do if you have the interest and the time. So, if you are interested in being a part of the LibriVox podcasting team, just PM me about it. Let me know what you are interested in doing - statistics, promo organizing, interviews, tech advice, performance/reading advice, anything that helps make the podcasts more interesting, informative, entertaining, and fun. And, of course, if you are interested in hosting, please let me know. I will do my best to help you with your first one, if you want me to.

Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 15th, 2012, 1:50 am
by bobgon55
Call for Contributions to Upcoming Podcast!!


All things to do with performing and/or BCing projects in two or more languages. If you speak and perform and/or BC in more than one language, we want YOU Imageto share your views and insights about doing so.

I have a few questions to serve as a springboard. Don't feel constrained by them; you may say anything you like about multilingual recording on LibriVox.

Which languages do you speak?
In which languages are you fluent?
In which languages have you recorded sections for LibriVox?
What projects have you recorded in a language other than English?
Do you feel intimidated about recording in any of the languages you speak?
Can you record in a language in which you are not fluent? (I can record Spanish but not converse in it.)
What are the biggest joys and challenges about recording and/or BCing a project in a language other than your native one?
What motivates you to record in languages other than English?

Anyway, these are a start. Improvise and extemporize as you will.

Post a reply here or PM me if you are interested (and I'm hoping you are!). Target date is mid-February, so I would like to have contributions by Monday, February 12, please. But please let me know in advance if you are interested in preparing a contribution. You may record a solo audio file or speak with me via Skype (and I will record and edit) or you may send your thought via PM and I or someone else will read them for you. But we really want to hear your voice and this one will be a great opportunity to speak and play clips in languages other than English.

See the posts above for more detailed information on the LibriVox Community Podcasts and as always, post here or PM me if you have any questions or comments.

Looking forward to your contributions!

Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 15th, 2012, 2:36 am
by Piotrek81
You do like colour fonts and formatting, don't you? :mrgreen:

Good to know you're going to prepare something about Multilingual Projects. So far I've only read in Polish and English, and I'm determined to focus on Polish, but I'm sure there are numerous Librivoxers here who read works in many languages and will be happy to talk about this.

Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 15th, 2012, 3:08 am
Hi Bob

I'd love to do a wry, self-deprecating segment on this. Count me in. :)


Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 15th, 2012, 10:08 am
by bobgon55
Yaay, thank you both, Piotrek and Martin!

Piotrek, how great that you've performed both in Polish and English! I didn't know you had performed in English. So, could you make a contribution? (What was that you wrote about color?) :D :P

Fabulous! I was really hoping this would intrigue you. I'm hoping you will talk about ALL the languages - including the classical ones - in which you record and speak.

Fantastic, gentlemen! Thanks so much for noticing and for participating, Martin. And Piotrek, please consider adding your voice to the chorus. It's always exciting to have a new, enthusiastic, active member speak up!


Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 20th, 2012, 7:55 am
by RuthieG
I should like to do a Dickens podcast on his 200th Birthday 7th February 2012.

The Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary collection is going well - the 3rd volume is now open. I shall be cataloguing at least Vol. 1 in time for the anniversary, but intend to keep them going throughout the anniversary year. There is plenty of material not yet recorded for LibriVox.

I will add it to the Wiki page, but I don't know if any more podcasts are scheduled for before that date. Please let me know, so I know where to put mine.


Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 20th, 2012, 9:07 am
by bobgon55
Hi Ruth,

I'm planning to release part 2 of the drama podcast this Sunday, Jan 22 as podcast #122. Nothing ready to go after that, so feel free to take podcast #123. What date were you planning to release it?

And thank you so much for hosting a podcast! It's great to have them come out fairly regularly and I just won't be able to do it any more than perhaps monthly, if that much. I'm trying to rustle up some interest from other potential hosts.


Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 21st, 2012, 5:50 am
by RuthieG
Thank you, Bob. I think I will aim for 1st February. I am not looking for a vast number of contributions - there is so much material already recorded which I can take snippets from. I will make a new post about it in this forum later, and add it to the Wiki page.


Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 21st, 2012, 2:46 pm
by Lucy_k_p
Ruth, I'm recording a short segment on how LibriVox turned me into a Dickens fan. I should have it finished tomorrow or the day after. I'll post here when I'm done. You don't have to use it, but it wrote itself, so I thought I'd share it.

Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: January 21st, 2012, 2:49 pm
by RuthieG
Excellent, Lucy! In fact, what made me think of doing a podcast at all was that someone tweeted me to say exactly the same thing.


Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: February 26th, 2012, 11:54 pm
by bobgon55
An update on upcoming podcasts and podcast plans:

I am currently working on LibriVox: The Pioneer Days, about the early days of the project, from that fateful day when Hugh started the LibriVox blog and sent out the first email asking for help recording The Secret Agent in August 2005 to the last day of 2006 or thereabouts, about the time when a good number of the procedures were in place that we know now. I wanted to know and publish what it was like to be a part of LibriVox in those days, what it felt like, how big the community was, what exciting projects people were working on in those days, etc.

But while I am gathering material for that podcast and putting it together, I want to put out a call for a couple ideas I have for future podcasts. These could be themes for an entire podcast or simply segments within a larger podcast. Podcasts don't have to be themed at all. They could just be an eclectic collection of random segments, so please everyone, feel free to contribute anything you like that in some way relates to the things we do at LibriVox and anything that binds our community together. It is a combination of what we do here and how we relate to one another that makes LibriVox the most unique and attractive online community there is.

Anyway, here are some ideas for segments or shows entire:

Me and My Microphone(s) - tell us about your microphone(s), what mic you use, why you like it, how you found it, why you would recommend it, etc. You might extend your comments to your whole recording set up: computer, audio software, digital recorder, recording room/studio. The microphone is to the voice artist/editor/producer what the guitar is to the rock 'n' roller, the camera is to the photographer, the horse is to the cowboy. Take this opportunity to wax eloquent about one or more of your microphones. Those of you who contributed to Algy Pug's Microphone Showdown project, here's your chance to sing the praises of your portal to digital audio posterity.

LibriVox Burnout - What it is, how it happens, and how to avoid it - We've lost some people because they became overwhelmed with LibriVox commitments, maybe had a hard time giving back sections or whole projects, and then ended up leaving altogether. Some of us start to feel burned out and are able to do what is necessary to pull out so that we can still remain contributing to LibriVox. Some of us are heedless of the warning signs of burnout and keep signing up for projects, heading downstream only to be engulfed by the enormity of work we did not anticipate. Share stories of burnout and near burnout, what tends to burn you out, what's your limit, what's your strategy for avoiding claiming section after section impulsively, what is your remedy for healing first, second, or third degree burnout? I imagine that long time LV veterans would have some great advice here.

Going Solo - LibriVox was started as a collective and the very first projects were all collaborative, with volunteers claiming one or a few chapters of each book project. Then the first solo was recorded by Kara, I believe. Now it seems there a ton of solo projects going up compared to group projects. My catalog search shows 3025 solo recordings to 2085 group recordings. So, OK, not a TON in comparison, but definitely more. Why on earth are people motivated to record solos? All that work? Why? The glory? The challenge? Total creative control? But what about the isolation? How do you stay motivated? How do you persevere? What are the hardest challenges you face? How do you overcome them? What word count is tiny for you? What's challenging but manageable? What's a real mountain to climb? What is Mt. Everest (Moby Dick? War and Peace?)? Soloists, take a break from chapter 32 and narrate your own tale of going it alone with just your script and your microphone.

Anonymity and Disclosure - How secretive are you on the forums and the community? Some people have a cool pseudonym or "handle" that has only a veiled reference to who they are while others register with their full names. Some reveal their true names in their signatures even though they use an artful forum name. Some leave their profiles empty while others disclose lots of information about themselves, including links to their very copiously maintained blogs and websites. What level of anonymity do you like to maintain on LibriVox? Why? What degree of disclosure are you comfortable with? Why? How did you come up with your forum name, if it is one that is hard to figure out (unlike initials, full names, etc.)? It may be ironic or pardoxical to ask people who value their anonymity to contribute podcasts sections discussing their need for anonymity, but you could submit anonymously. :D Those who are OK with disclosure may have more to say on this topic but I am as interested in the shy and anonymous LibriVoxers as well..

If any or all of these ideas for podcast material inspire you and you want to produce a segment, PM me or post in this thread. If you have contributed before to the podcast, you know what to do. If you are new to the podcast, I will help you through every stage of your segment, if you need me to. But if you have contributed any section successfully to LibriVox, you already have all the technical skills you need to record a podcast segment. And if you have the desire to create a podcast segment, you can write your own script to read or even talk spontaneously and edit out your "ums," "ahs," and "like"s later. Listen to some past podcasts for ideas on how to produce a segment.

A Call for Roving Reporters and Correspondents:

I am interested in cultivating a BULLPEN (Baseball metaphor) of audio correspondents and roving reporters for the podcasts. What do you need to qualify? Curiosity, a flair for talking, the chutzpah to PM people, and the energy to get segments recorded and uploaded to Cori's folder. You can follow your own nose for segment ideas or correspond with me or other podcast team members for ideas. No need to concern yourself with podcast themes. Your features segments can be a part of ANY podcast!

Do you like to interview people? Search out interesting LibriVox volunteers, send them a list of questions and either interview them real time over Skype or the telephone or let them send you a file of the answered questions and then record and edit in the questions. Voila! You have an interview to upload for a podcast. It's just that simple.

Do you like to talk about things that interest you or puzzle you about LibriVox? Write and record a segment where you give advice, tell a story, report on hot topics currently on the forums, talk off the top of your head about a subject of interest and entertaining to the LibriVox community. Promote your slow-moving project.

Do you like to edit? Make a collage of bloopers, a collage of a weekly poetry project, combine some clips of LibriVox performances with music and sound effects or otherwise create mashups of our public domain works.

Do you like numbers? Compile (or ask an admin to compile) some interesting LV statistics and report on them.

Are you persuasive? Devise ways to promote the LibriVox podcasts and increase the numbers of people who listen to and respond to them.

Are you creative? Come up with other ways to make the podcasts interesting, informative and entertaining to the LibriVox community.

So, come and join our current podcast team - Martin Geeson, Lars Rolander, Algy Pug, Ruth Golding, TriciaG, Lucy Perry, Piotrek81, Kristingj, Nadine Eckert-Boulet, Availle, Leni, Andy Minter, Elizabeth Klett, Arielle Lipshaw, Linny, Carol Box, Denny Sayers, Leonard Wilson, Rhonda Federman, Timothy Ferguson, Phil Chenevert, Leonard Wilson, David Barnes, Cori Samuel, and Esther (Starlite). All these have recorded one or more segments for the most recent podcasts and several have hosted podcasts themselves. And you can, too!

Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: February 28th, 2012, 5:27 pm
by TriciaG
Has there ever been a segment on public domain? I don't think there has. I am trying to come up with some way to present it that isn't too teachy/preachy: maybe some of the challenges of non-USA readers (having to conform to both their country's copyright laws and those of the USA), some of the authors we have the most questions about (Agatha Christie, that horror genre author whose surname starts with L, I think, that I cannot come up with right now, who has some works PD and some not, etc., and LM Montgomery [Anne of Green Gables series, where some of the Anne books are out of order and still under copyright])?

It would be cool if someone could put together a song about the woes of copyright laws.

I don't think I'm all that creative at putting something like this together, though. Hmmm. :hmm:

EDIT: Ooo, and maybe mentioning the perils of using Gutenberg Australia as a text source, that those are PD in Australia but not necessarily in the USA.

Re: LibriVox Community Podcast Planning

Posted: February 28th, 2012, 7:06 pm
by bobgon55
That's a great idea, Tricia! And I think Ruth Golding is just the person to do it. And I think you yourself gave the hint of it when you wrote this:
TriciaG wrote:It would be cool if someone could put together a song about the woes of copyright laws.
If I am not mistaken, Ruth had mentioned doing a segment or an entire podcast on copyright law.