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Post by commonsparrow3 » June 16th, 2018, 5:01 pm

It's that time again! Time for the -

LibriVox 13th Anniversary Song

This year's song pays tribute to the many and varied talents that our members bring to LibriVox. While our readers are the most recognizable part of LV to the casual listener, there are truly so many other skills involved in bringing each new book to the catalog. This year, we sing out a big thanks to everyone, readers, PL'ers, BC's and MC's, researchers and cover designers, veterans and newbies alike.

Are we ready to ROCK?

How can you join in this year's musical chorus? It's easy!

  • You don't have to be able to read music, or even to be able to sing!
  • You may sing/speak/shout as much or as little of it as you wish. Extras are welcome - hurrays, whoops and other mad things.
  • I can't use everything, but the more I have, the more fun it will be. Those of you who have done this before know that I will be using as many voices as I possibly can - some bits solo, other bits duets, other bits a massive chorus of voices. EVERYONE will be in it somewhere!
  • The melody might already be familiar to many of us, as it's the traditional holiday carol "Gloucestershire Wassail". The tune is so old that it's PD for everybody.
    If you'd like to hear it sung in its traditional style, here's a link: Gloucestershire Wassail

The zip file is here: https://librivox.org/uploads/triciag/lv13annivsong.zip

It includes these files:
  • MP3 of only instumental accompaniment: lv13annivsong_accomp.mp3
  • MP3 of instrumental accompaniment with my rather caterwauling voice singing along as a rough guide: lv13annivsong_singalong.mp3
  • PDF of lyrics: lv13annivsong_words.pdf
This is how you do it:
  • Import (or drag) either lv13annivsong_accomp.mp3 or lv13annivsong_singalong.mp3 (your choice) into Audacity.
  • In Edit | Preferences | Recording, tick the box that says "Overdub: Play other tracks while recording new one"
  • Click record and sing along while listening using headphones if possible. Put the playback sound down low (or adjust the Gain slider at the left of that track) so that it doesn't get recorded with your voice.
  • Now you should have two tracks. When you are happy with it, just delete the accompaniment track, and export your voice track as an MP3.
  • Don't forget to uncheck the Playthrough box when you have finished.
  • Call your file lv13annivsong_yourinitials.mp3, and number it [e.g. yourinitials1] if you upload more than one file.
  • Upload it with the LibriVox Uploader:https://librivox.org/login/uploader to TriciaG 's folder by July 25th !
  • Don't forget to post the link to your uploaded file here in this thread so I can find it.
This song will become a part of the LibriVox 13th Anniversary Collection. Go over there and check out that project while you're at it! It's an eclectic melange of short works which have nothing in common except the number Thirteen, or references to a Baker's Dozen or Luck (Good or Bad) in their titles. Quick and quirky, and lots of fun!

Words are also here:
Once more we gather together in song
To celebrate LibriVox still going strong.
Our LibriVox mission we proudly proclaim –
We will read every book in the public domain.

We shout out a thank-you to all volunteers
Who’ve kept LibriVox lively for 13 great years.
Their many and various talents combine
To help us keep growing, one book at a time.

Here’s to our readers! Their voices they give
To lift words from pages, and make those words live.
For each hour you hear, they have spent two or three,
To edit and polish and be blooper-free.

Here’s to our proof-listeners! They give an ear
Alert and attentive to all that they hear,
They find sneezes, and dog barks, and the teakettle’s hiss,
And they catch all the edits that we somehow miss.

Here’s to our BC’s, as busy as bees,
They juggle group projects with style and with ease.
Of assignments and sections they never lose track,
For resolving confusion they have quite the knack.

Here’s to our Admins, their talents we prize.
With a wave of their hand, Magic Windows arise.
Finished projects they catalog, errors they fix,
Pesky technical glitches they know how to lick.

Here’s to our researchers hunting to find
The links that we need to the info on line.
They find authors and dates, they locate PD texts,
And they post great suggestions of what to read next.

Here’s to our artists! Their skills they apply
Designing book covers that catch someone’s eye.
Using photos and pixels and fonts as their tools,
For layouts as clear and as lovely as jewels.

Here’s to our well-seasoned veterans who share
Advice and good guidance with humour and care.
And here’s to our newbies who’ve answered the call;
They’re the future of LibriVox -- Welcome them all!

We record every book in the public domain.
Twelve thousand books done – many more yet remain.
It takes many hands to help LibriVox run,
As we keep reading books – and what’s more – having fun!
Many books beckon yet! And a lot of good fun!

(Cheering and hurrahs!)
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Come record a section for the LibriVox 13th Anniversary Collection!
Join us in singing the LibriVox 13th Anniversary Song!

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Post by commonsparrow3 » June 16th, 2018, 5:28 pm

By the way, in case anyone wonders about the reference in the song to "12,000 books done", I thought it was a fairly safe gamble to include it. Our count is presently at 11,841 completed works, and this song won't be appearing until the LV Anniversary celebration on August 10th. By that date, we will probably be so close to 12,000 that we may take the liberty to use that as a "round number". Certainly "11,841" doesn't fit the rhythm of the song very easily! :D

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Come record a section for the LibriVox 13th Anniversary Collection!
Join us in singing the LibriVox 13th Anniversary Song!

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Post by mhhbook » June 16th, 2018, 8:08 pm

What a great song! A million Thank Yous, Maria!👍

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