1 Minute Test [OK]

All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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Post by arphyl » January 22nd, 2021, 3:11 am


These are my 1 minute test submissions. I have 2 samples using 2 different microphones both with foam cover with my mouth almost close to it.

[Dynamic Mic] https://librivox.org/uploads/tests/test_arphyl_dynamicmic.mp3
[Condenser Mic] https://librivox.org/uploads/tests/test_arphyl_condensermic.mp3

Software: Audacity 2.4.2
OS: Windows 10
Mic: Condenser (BM800 - bought last year) and Dynamic (Infiniti JS108 - unknown brand from around a decade ago)
Interface: V8 Sound Card (USB)

For my condenser mic test, I din't used YET my Phantom Power Supply. Both mic tests are directly connected: Mic > Sound Card > Laptop

While recording, I noticed that the noise isn't that much recorded. I can't remember if I tweaked the settings some time ago to do just that or it's the normal thing. Both mic tests are raw and unedited.

Looking forward to your feedback!


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Post by ashleighjane » January 22nd, 2021, 4:35 am

Welcome to Librivox :D

I think that you should go with the dynamic mic. Just be aware that there was some dc bias which can be fixed by going to 'effects' 'normalize' and have only 'remove dc offset' selected.

Volume for this test is 86.7dB. This is acceptable as we aim for 86 - 92dB, with 89 being the goal. (The volume with the other mic was a little low at 85.7). If you like you use the checker tool to verify volume and other settings https://cgjennings.ca/projects/checker/

As it is, your dynamic mic meets librivox requirements and is sounding great so you're okay to record for projects. (just remember to remove the dc bias)

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