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The Red Reign: The True Story of an Adventurous Year in Russia, by Kellogg Durland
(to be edited) Kellogg Durland spent a year in Russia as a journalist in 1906, during a seminal period in Russian history. This is a highly interesting read, knowing as we do what fell out for Russia in the next decade. The Russian Revolution did not appear from nowhere in 1917. Durland's account shows the rumblings that existed before the explosion. ( Lynette Caulkins)

This project is looking for prooflistening for the sections that the DPL has read.

Project thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=77504
Please post in the project thread if you can help with proof-listening.

Text: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/61557

Level of PL: Proof-Listening Against the Text
  • While listening, follow the online text and note any differences (with the time) <~~ I only need differences that change the meaning
  • Does the intro match the one specified in the first post of the project thread (below the Magic Window)? 

  • Are there any long silences or pauses that ought to be edited out? If so, note the time. 

  • Are there any stumbles or repeats that ought to be edited out? If so, note the words and the time. 

  • Is there excessive background noise, a constant hiss or buzz that detracts from the reading? 

  • Did you need to turn your volume up unusually high to listen to the recording? (Or did you find the recording too loud?) 

  • Does the ending match the one specified in the first post of the project thread?
  • Are there 5 seconds of silence at the end of the file?


New to prooflistening? Please read this FAQ. 

Magic Window:

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