[FOUND]Editor(s) WANTED - The Vegetable by F Scott Fitzgerald

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Post by WiltedScribe » October 17th, 2019, 5:39 pm

All the roles in this play have been completed, so all that's left is the editing to do. Due to a busy schedule, I've been able to find time to edit, so I'm hoping someone (or more than one person) will volunteer to help bring this to the catalog, as I've heard there have been multiple inquiries already as to its completion date.

Interested parties must note that I've chosen to split the first two acts into parts due to their length (with the possibility they may be merged if they can come under the 70-minute mark). The cutoff points are as follows:

Act 1, Part 1: pp. 3-32, to the end of the sentence "It is none other than Mr. Snooks, or Snukes, the bootlegger."

Act 1, Part 2: pg. 32 (beginning with the sentence "I wish I could introduce you to the original from whom I have taken Mr. Snooks") to pg. 55, the end of Act 1.

Act 2, Part 1: pp. 56-88, to the end of the sentence "Presently Jerry can be seen in the window of the President's office."

Act 2, Part 2: pg. 88 (beginning with the sentence "A moment later the doors swing open again, this time for the tottering egress of Dada") to pg. 113, the end of Act 2.

Interested parties may claim in the thread here: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=73620

Thank you!
Tomas Peter

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