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All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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There are noises in the recording, such as a fan. I also heard a lot of reverb.
I don't know if you can improve these items in editing.
The voice is very good and so is the diction.

Thanks for sharing.


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Post by TriciaG » August 21st, 2019, 11:36 am


What recording software are you using? I'm going to assume you're using Audacity in my instructions, since you didn't say. :)

You have a nice sounding voice. :) There are just some tech settings to fix, and some noise to reduce.

1. The project rate / sample rate is 22,050 Hz; it needs to be 44,100. Go to Edit/Preferences. Under Quality, set the default sample rate to 44,100.

2. Bit rate is 64 kbps. It needs to be 128. This is set when you export to MP3. When you go to export, on the screen where you enter the file name for the MP3, change the quality to 128 kbps. You should only have to set it once; it'll remember the setting until you change it again.

Now, about that background noise. :) You have a lot of it.

First, try turning off any extra nearby equipment that you don't need - printers, fans, fluorescent lights, etc. Try to eliminate as much noise at its source as you can, before it gets to the microphone. Imagine dead silence (totally dead), then listen to your recording area and figure out what is making sounds that your mic is picking up.

Once you've done that, you could explore noise reduction in Audacity, but I want to hear what it sounds like with external noise eliminated before recommending settings.

Try making these adjustments, then post another test. Use the same file name as your previous one, and post in this same thread when it's ready. :)
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