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All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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Post by AjaxTheBrave » April 24th, 2019, 1:37 pm

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Post by Kitty » April 26th, 2019, 2:40 am

Hi Ajax and a warm welcome to our forum :D

thank you for your one-minute test. I'm a huge Terry Pratchett fany myself (mainly the Watch stories and Moist von Lipwig 8-) ) This series unfortunately won't be PD for us to record in a long time, which is a pity. I could see them all as dramatic readings. :9:

Well, now to your test... your calm way of reading is already very good and nice to listen to. But there are a few technical bits that need to get tweaked. You didn't tell me what editing program you are using. If it's Audacity, I can give you a step-by-step guide, but for other programs I'm not so familiar with. Just let me know and we figure something out if you don't manage.

1) our recording is in stereo, but we need mono. Usually there should be a possibility to convert stereo to mono in any editing program

2) the volume is too soft, you need to amplify with 6 dB at least. We accept between 86 and 92 dB, preferably as close to 89 as possible. Yours is only at barely 83 dB. Also the sound, even after amplification is very muffled :hmm: and I don't know why. Where is your microphone compared to your face/mouth ? Far away ? It would probably be best to get closer in that case. Can you tell me a bit about your setup and recording area ?

3) the bitrate is wrong. It needs to 128kbps constant (yours was variable). Usually you should change these settings before exporting to mp3.

As I said, if you have Audacity, let me know, I can help you there if you don't know your way around the program.

usually I would say no need to re-record, as you can correct all these details without re-recording, but because of the muffled sound, I would like to hear another try, maybe with the mic closer :hmm: Just to see whether it changes anything.

Please post your corrections in this same thread, so I get alerted and can have a second listen. No need to start a new thread (just push reply here at the bottom of the page). Best keep all the discussion in the same thread.

see you around


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