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All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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I've merged your two threads together, since in a way they are both test recordings. :) Your test recording proper is in WAV file, and we require MP3. So I'll work with the Prufrock file.

You've got some technical settings to change. Are you using Audacity? I'm going to assume so in my instructions. :)

1. The project rate is 48,000 Hz; it needs to be 44,100. Go to Edit/Preferences. Under Quality, set the default sample rate to 44,100.

2. The recording is in stereo. To change all future recordings, go to Edit, Preferences, Devices. Under Recording, change Channels to "1 (Mono)".

3. Bit rate is 320 kbps; it needs to be 128. This is set when you export to MP3. When you go to export, on the screen where you enter the file name for the MP3, make sure the Bit Rate mode is Constant, and change the quality to 128 kbps. You should only have to set it once; it'll remember the setting until you change it again.

Regarding the recording itself - very nice! :) For LibriVox, though, we don't use any music or sound effects, so we wouldn't be able to use this file.

I cannot tell if there's background noise, or what your overall volume is because of the background music. Your test recording proper has the volume level too high - about 5 dB too high - but the Prufrock recording was only about 2 dB too high, which is actually within our acceptable volume range (and some of this would be due to the music, so the vocal itself is a little lower and probably just about perfect).

So... Would you please make the setting changes #1-3, then record another short test, export as MP3, and upload it? You can post the link in this same thread. Try to keep your vocal volume about the same level as the Prufrock piece. 8-)
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