1-Minute Test - jovialduality [OK]

All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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Post by jovialduality » November 24th, 2018, 9:24 am

Hello Everyone,

I've just uploaded my 1 minute test here:

I've used a zoom h1 usb mic to record and Adobe Audition to edit the recording.
I used the 'podcast voice' effects rack on the file, it does pretty much everything i need.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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Post by Kitty » November 27th, 2018, 1:06 am

Hello and welcome, Jovialduality :)

indeed you are right, the podcast effect (whatever it is) does make a nice warm sound. All your technical settings are LV standard as well, the volume is nicely inside our limits and it all sounds great.

No need to wait any longer...here is your official OK on the test. You are ready to participate in any project on offer here. :D

Have fun and maybe I hear you soon in one of the projects I'm prooflistening.


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