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Post by NickNasti » October 11th, 2018, 10:06 am


I'm using the free version of Audacity, running on Mac OS X, and using an XLR analog microphone (AKG Perception 100) through a Scarlett Solo interface. I have applied a noise reduction of 12db, with a sensitivity of 6, and a frequency smoothing of 6 bands. Any feedback would be helpful, I wasn't sure exactly how much of the reduction filters to apply (tried to thread the needle between too much background and unnatural but I don't really have an ear for it). The microphone itself has a surprisingly low noise floor for its price but I am unfortunately plagued with a very sub-optimal recording location. I was about two feet away from my microphone during recording. I had tried an earlier attempt from a much closer distance (about six inches), but had issues with plosives even through my pop filter. I know that I'm on the lower end of the db spectrum (86db), but my voice naturally tends to increase in volume during character dialog (of which this recording has none). Adjusting my gain to be slightly lower is my way of avoiding clipping and normalizing the recording as a whole.


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Post by Kitty » October 12th, 2018, 1:21 am

Hello Nick and welcome to LibriVox. Thank you for your test and I see you did a lot of homework already. Well, it pays off because your test passes on the first go ;)

Your technical settings are all correct, and your narrative qualities are wonderful, not too slow, not too fast, easy to listen to and understand. All perfect.

I would only mention one thing, and that is the volume. You are at exactly 86 dB, which is the lowest we are accepting (range of 86 to 92 dB, but preferred average of 89). So it would pass the test, but 3 dB louder would be perfect.

Here is how to change volume in Audacity:

> highlight your recording
> go to Effect
> go to Amplify
> input 3 (in your case now) in the first slot (amplification dB)
> press ok

And here is a nice little plug-in to assess the volume in Audacity, to get to the desired 89 dB:
Replay Gain plugin for Audacity: - http://forum.audacityteam.org/download/file.php?id=4668

1. Save the file to your computer - your desktop or somewhere where you can easily find it.
2. Now browse to the folder in which Audacity is installed. It's probably in C:\Program Files\Audacity) and then open the Plug-Ins folder.
3. Drag the file you saved into the Plug-Ins folder.
4. When next you start up Audacity, you will be able to select the whole recording (Ctrl+A on Windows), then go to Analyze | ReplayGain, and it'll tell you how much to amplify your file to get to about 89 dB.
I use it all the time, it's quite helpful. :)

So if you wish you can reupload a new test, but I will give you the OK anyway on this one too as you are within our range. Maybe just remember to make the volume a tad louder on your "official" recordings.

Have fun in your first project !


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