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[MUSIC]J.S. Bach, Volume 2 by Albert Schweitzer
A discussion of some of Bach's many compositions and his technique in writing them. It includes numerous samples of his work to illustrate the author's point.

This project is looking for prooflisteners. A DPL (Dedicated Proof Listener) would be preferred, but until one is found, we need prooflistening for completed sections.

Project thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66869
Please post in the project thread if you can help with proof-listening. 

Text: https://archive.org/details/jsbach00widogoog

Level of PL: Specialized
  • Does the intro match the one specified in the first post of the project thread (below the Magic Window)? 

  • Are there any long silences or pauses that ought to be edited out? If so, note the time. 

  • Are there any stumbles or repeats that ought to be edited out? If so, note the words and the time. 

  • Is there excessive background noise, a constant hiss or buzz that detracts from the reading? 

  • Did you need to turn your volume up unusually high to listen to the recording? (Or did you find the recording too loud?) 

  • Does the ending match the one specified in the first post of the project thread?
  • Are there 5 seconds of silence at the end of the file?
  • Are there pauses (3-5 seconds) in appropriate places, so as to easily edit in the snippets of music where they need to go?
  • Does the music itself appear to match the notation on the page? (You need not be able to read music, but if it looks like the notation given is very short, for instance, and you're hearing a longish piece of music, please point that out.)


New to prooflistening? Please read this FAQ. 

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