1 minute test

All languages: post your test recording here. Help check audio files, provide editing services, and advertise for proof-listeners.
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Post by FlorenciaCornalino » January 10th, 2018, 3:54 am

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Post by Availle » January 10th, 2018, 3:59 am

Hi Florencia and welcome!

First of all, your test is a .wav file - you will need to export it to .mp3 using audacity (and the LAME plugin). Once you have done this, please upload again, so I can check the tech specs that we need.

Also, your file has quite a bit of background noise; this would not be okay in a "real" recording. Could you try to find a more quiet spot for you to record? It sounds as if there's a window open with people passing by or something.


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