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Updated 3 March
Below is list of projects with no DPL that have open sections awaiting PL if you're looking to help on an adhoc basis.
  1. Please post in the project thread to let the reader and BC/MC know that you're doing the PL.
  2. Please post below if you have a section wanting to be PL'd or if you've done one off the list or volunteered to DPL.
  3. The link for abandoned projects goes to the abandoned projects thread. You need to ask for access to the files there.
I'll try to keep this as up to date (but will also appreciate help from the admins in deleting "captured posts").

None of the Projects below have a DPL - so please volunteer if you would like to do so.
Projects with DPLs are excluded from this list. MC's/BC's if you see your project here and it has a DPL please update the catalog
HERE is the full list of projects without DPLs
Dramatic Works - Completed Editing

Dramatic Reads - Parts




Niels Lyhne par Jens Peter Jacobsen
7 Chapter 6 Tlaloc 29.36

Emma par Jane Austen (Abandoned April 2016)
Sections completed: 4 (2 need small edits, 2 ready for pl)

Essais (Livre I) par Michel de Montaigne (Abandoned Sept 2014)
Sections completed: 21 (to be PLed)

Wandering (彷徨) by Xun Lu (1881 - 1936)
S5 5 离婚 23m10

"Le Piacevoli Notti" - Libro 2, di Giovan Francesco Straparola

Mostellaria, by Plautus (Solo project, abandoned November 2013)
Sections completed: 2(1 PL OK; 1 to be PLed)

Memoiren einer Sozialistin - Lehrjahre von Lily Braun (1865-1916) (abandoned May 2014)
Sections completed: 7: 2 PL OK, 1 needs edits, 4 need PL

Der Sohn der Hagar von Paul Keller (1873 - 1932).
15 Fünfzehntes Kapitel  J_N 12.27
16 Sechzehntes Kapitel  J_N 8.35

Canaã (solo abandoned October 2016)
Sections completed: 2 (1 ready for spot PL, 1 ready to PL)

O Mulato by Aluísio Azevedo (1857 - 1913).
2 Capítulo 2 sacciotto 36:43 Listen Ready for PL
3 Capítulo 3 sacciotto 59:49 Listen Ready for PL
4 Capítulo 4 sacciotto 53:53 Listen Ready for PL
5 Capítulo 5 sacciotto 48:48 Listen Ready for PL

El Escuadrón del Brigante by Pío Baroja (abandoned Aug 2016)
Sections completed: 14 (13 PL OK)

Los tres mosqueteros de Alexandre Dumas (1802 - 1870)
0 00 - Prefacio tux753 5:44 Listen Ready for PL
1 01 - Los tres regalos del señor d'Artagnan, padre. tux753 34:32 Listen Ready for PL
2 02 - La antecámara del señor de Treville. tux753 23:46 Listen Ready for PL

Verspreide verhalen door A. L. G. Bosboom-Toussaint (1812 - 1886).
0 Voorberigt Paezra 2.34 Listen

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights by United Nations
1 Serbian MindHoldsTheKey 14:15 Listen Ready for PL
2 Turkish Sehnaz 13:55 Listen Ready for PL

Thirukkural by Thiruvalluvar (Translated by G. U. Pope) (abandoned January 2012)
Sections completed: 1 (Needs PL)

Thank you
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Un-stickying this, as it's not being updated until Kim comes back. :(
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