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Post Posted:: February 17th, 2017, 7:13 am 

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Post Posted:: February 17th, 2017, 7:24 am 

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Hello Emma,

Welcome to LibriVox! Great to have you with us! :)

Than you for your test.

There are several things about it that will require corrections.

First off, the audio. It is in stereo, and we need mono. Please make sure you record in mono. You didn't say what software you're using, and if it's Audacity, then please go to Edit -> Preferences... and change in Devices, Recording, the Channels to '1 (Mono)'. Also, the audio is too soft. The volume is simply too low. Please increase the recording volume so that your recording waveform looks similar to this:
This image is taken from our wiki page with recommendations on how to do 1-minute test. Please read that page and follow the instructions.

Second, the exported file has wrong bitrate. We need the MP3 file to have constant bitrate, 128 kbps. If you're using Audacity, the settings are on the Export dialog box.

See if you can make those corrections. Before you upload you can check the file itself using Checker software. Read that wiki page, download and install it so you can check your own files.

When you have made corrections, please upload the file again and post a reply here in this thread.

You're on the right track. :)

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