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Freaks on the Fells: Three Months' Rustication, Story 1 by R. M. Ballantyne (1825 - 1894).

In this first story in Freaks on the Fells, Mr Sudberry, a successful London merchant takes his family on a Scottish highlands vacation. Over the course of the summer the family has lots of exciting adventures near and around the farm and adjoining fishing stream. (Linny)
    1. How to claim a part, and "how it all works" here To find a section to record, simply look at point 5. below at the sections. All the ones without names beside them are "up for grabs." Click "Post reply" at the top left of the screen and tell us which section you would like to read (include the section number from the left-most column in the reader list, please). Read points 6. to 8. below for what to do before, during and after your recording.
    2. New to recording? Please read our Newbie Guide to Recording!
    3. Is there a deadline? We ask that you submit your recorded sections within 2 months of placing your claim. Please note that to be fair to the readers who have completed their sections in a timely way, if you haven't submitted your recording(s) after two months, your sections will automatically be re-opened for other readers to claim, unless you post in this thread to request an extension. Extensions will be granted at the discretion of the Book Coordinator. If you cannot do your section, for whatever reason, just let me know and it'll go back to the pool. There's no shame in this; we're all volunteers and things happen.Please do not sign up for more sections than you can complete within the two month deadline.
    4. Where do I find the text? Source text (please only read from this text!): http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/23505
    5. Please claim sections (the numbers in the first column below)! If this is your first recording, please let me know under which name or pseudonym you'd like to appear in the LibriVox catalogue. We can also link to a personal website/blog.

      Prospective Prooflisteners: Please read the Listeners Wanted FAQ before listening! Level of prooflistening requested: standard DPL is linny

      Please don't download or listen to files belonging to projects in process (unless you are the BC or PL). Our servers are not set up to handle the greater volume of traffic. Please wait until the project has been completed. Thanks!

      Magic Window:

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      Genres for the project: Action & Adventure Fiction

      Keywords that describe the book: adventure, young adult, London, fishing, juvenile, scottland

    6. BEFORE recording: Please check the Recording Notes: viewtopic.php?p=6430#p6430

      Set your recording software to:
      Channels: 1 (Mono)
      Bit Rate: 128 kbps
      Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
    7. DURING recording:
      No more than 1 second of silence at the beginning of the recording!
      Make sure you add this to the beginning of your recording:
      START of recording (Intro)
      • "Chapter [number] of Freaks on the Fells: Three Months' Rustication, Story 1, by R. M. Ballantyne. This is a LibriVox recording. All LibriVox recordings are in the public domain. For more information, or to volunteer, please visit: librivox DOT org"
      • If you wish, say: "Recording by [your name], [city, your blog, podcast, web address]"
      • Say:
        "[Chapter # and title]"

      END of recording
      • At the end of the section, say:
        "End of [Chapter #]"
      • If you wish, say:
        "Recording by [your name], [city, your blog, podcast, web address]"
      • At the end of the book, say (in addition):
        "End of Freaks on the Fells: Three Months' Rustication, Story 1, by R. M. Ballantyne."

      There should be ~5 seconds silence at the end of the recording.

      Please remember to check this thread frequently for updates!
    8. AFTER recording
      Need noise-cleaning?
      Listen to your file through headphones. If you can hear some constant background noise (hiss/buzz), you may want to clean it up a bit. The latest version of Audacity is recommended for noise-cleaning. See this LibriVox wiki page for a complete guide.
      Save files as
      128 kbps MP3
      freaksonthefells1_##_ballantyne_128kb.mp3 (all lower-case) where ## is the section number (e.g. freaksonthefells1_01_ballantyne_128kb.mp3)
    9. Example ID3 V2 tags
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      Please ignore tags - these will be filled in automatically at the cataloguing stage.
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        (If you have trouble reading the image above, please message an admin)
      • You'll need to select the MC, which for this project is: alg1001
      • When your upload is complete, you will receive a link - please post it in this thread.
      • If this doesn't work, or you have questions, please check our How To Send Your Recording wiki page.
      Any questions?
      Please post below
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Hi Linny,
This is setup for you now. Over to Readers Wanted.
Amy :D
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Thank you, Amy! :D

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