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Post Posted:: November 19th, 2005, 11:47 am 
LibriVox Admin Team

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What are 'orphaned chapters?'
They are chapters in an otherwise fully-claimed project that were previously claimed by a volunteer who wanted to record them, but the volunteer has had to give them up for one reason or another (this is perfectly all right and can happen to anyone). Usually these chapters come back from the 'Readers Found' forum or no longer are "FULL".

This is the place for these stray chapters needing a new volunteer to take over.

What if no chapters are listed below? Do you still need readers?
Definitely! Please sign up for any other books in this forum, just click on a topic and claim a chapter - you'll see in each introduction which chapters are still up for grabs! Please also review the Announcement "Please read this before posting or recording" (above this one).

Can't find anything needing adoption here? - there may be Dramatic orphans

How do I claim an orphaned chapter?
Please post a reply in the relevant book project itself, NOT in this thread.

Please note that files are often orphaned towards the end of a project, and so a quick turnaround may be requested. Please don't claim an orphan chapter unless you're able to record, edit and post it in a timely manner (ask the BC if you're not sure about this.)

Note to Book Coordinators:
Please post a link to your project thread and ask readers to sign up and post completed files there -- NOT in this thread. We'll keep this thread as a kind of 'bill board' to stick up notices. We'll delete your post when it has been added to this list. Please post again in here when all orphans in your project have been claimed.


Orphans List:
(Please check the Magic Windows of these projects for orphaned sections available to claim.)


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Post Posted:: Yesterday, 4:53 pm 

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I need directions how to go from point a to point b. How do I locate books or chapters that need to be read?

Post Posted:: Yesterday, 4:59 pm 
LibriVox Admin Team

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Go to the Readers Wanted sections of the forum. (You're in one now: Readers Wanted, Books.)

Basically, every project in these forums are open for claimants. The exceptions are in the Short Works and Dramatic Works forums, where projects that have the word "Full" in their thread title are, well, full. :)

So go to Readers Wanted: Books and go past the top two topics (this one and "Every work here needs a reader!"). Everything below those two need readers.

That thread, "Every work here needs a reader!" - is also good to look at if you want help finding something more in your line. :)

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Post Posted:: Yesterday, 5:06 pm 
LibriVox Admin Team

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Orphans are chapters that have been claimed but not completed - there are not any at the moment - which is great.

Otherwise projects in progress are found in the forums labelled "readers wanted" . If you still have your welcome email , it should help you get started (we were all new once and it is a bit confusing at first ) . If you've lost your email , the guides for listeners and Volunteers are all linked at the top of every page , and there are videos linked as well as text if you like that way of learning.
Welcome aboard , it will get easier quite quickly

cross posted , but not quite the same info

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