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Post by cadwallader » January 8th, 2021, 8:27 pm


That's all, folks! Not really.

I created my account over two weeks ago, it looks like, but I've been delayed in the acquisition of hardware. Plus side, that appears to be moving forward, so I should be good to submit my test recording... well, packages are still significantly delayed, so at some point.

I have a minor amount of experience reading to a partner, but no previous experience doing the audio recording portion, other than a simple test with Audacity while holding the microphone in my hand. But I am working on the desk stand, shock mount, and pop filter, because I really do not feel like holding a 1lbs microphone in my left hand while scrolling with my right. Primarily I read fantasy, but I expect to branch out a little for these readings.

Hopefully housemates, the dog, and the air traffic won't make recording too difficult, when the time comes.


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