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Post by OldBumble » November 20th, 2020, 11:32 pm

Funny, I guess I can condense my response when proving I wasn’t a bot spammer as an introduction. I have a username OldBumble. Nothing significant, I was just putting away Christmas items one year, got to the bumble and needed a username. I used to live in Austin, TX and they had a volunteer group that made these audiobooks, but as with everything you always think, "I'll contact them later, right now I have to take care of X." and next thing you know, you've moved out of the state. So I put it on the shelf for a few years and found an article that mentioned this group. I started building up my online recording equipment a few years ago, so I was hoping I could use it for this. Since 2020 has been super stressful, I've attempted to help out whenever I see the opportunity. I figure this is virtual so I can keep my parents safe from me having to be in groups, I have the equipment, and no one gets work they are not ready for. I look forward to contributing and being a part of the team. :thumbs:

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