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Get to know your fellow readers and tell us a little about yourself
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Post by RQuintero » October 11th, 2020, 8:08 am

Hi there!

I juste posted my one minute test, and here I am, ready to read you all (and hoping someone will read me too).

As you can tell, by the topic's subject, I am spanish and that will be my reading language, so... if there are spanish readers and/or listeners there, I am more than happy to help you and get some help from you as well (I scratch your back, you scratch my back, you know... WINK WINK).

Looking forward to hear from you, I wish you all a very nice day ;)

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Post by philchenevert » October 13th, 2020, 4:58 pm

Welcome to LibriVox! I cannot say that in Spanish but am glad you can. We need more Spanish speakers here. You will enjoy being creative here as well as having fun. I've made a little video to welcome people; It has some basic info about us that I thought might be helpful to know right at the start. In any case ask lots of questions, we are a helpful bunch here and you will fit right in. https://youtu.be/mwtn_2d3_qs
Oh, and Petunia, our LibriVox penguin welcomes you too with her special dance Image
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Posts: 11
Joined: October 7th, 2020, 9:55 am

Post by RQuintero » October 14th, 2020, 7:57 am

Thank you very much, Phil!

This is very kind of you (both the welcome message and the video).

Petunia just made my day ;)

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