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Post by FiliaSecunda » February 28th, 2020, 5:20 pm

I'm Sarah, a 21-year-old semi-adult from Illinois who loves two things: talking at people, and reading old books. So of course the idea of recording books for LibriVox is really appealing to me! LV's mission is admirable and your hospitality to new users is amazing.

I do still have a few questions, since Audacity doesn't work on Chromebook unless you install Linux on it, and this is a shared computer, so I don't want to try that without really knowing my stuff. Could I record on SoundCloud, and if necessary edit using Twisted Wave?

If not, I hope I can still be useful by prooflistening, etc. (Another reason I'm grateful for the welcome email that explained so many things - I had no idea prooflistening was a thing until today, even though it seems obvious and needed now that I know about it.)

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Post by tovarisch » February 28th, 2020, 5:57 pm

Welcome, Sarah!

Good to have you join us! :)

Doesn't SoundCloud require a subscription? I haven't tried that, but I heard Twisted Wave recommended for recording on Chromebooks. I am fairly sure you're not blazing any trails here; search the forums and you will likely find somebody doing recording on an iPad or a Chromebook or something like that. They can definitely share some pointers.

And, of course, prooflisteners are always in demand, in case you want to take a break from recording... :wink:

So, jump right in!
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