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Post by jmwills » February 13th, 2020, 10:11 am

My father used to do this every once in a while and I remember in seventh grade or so him excitedly telling me about this project, so I decided to continue his legacy by doing it myself.

I'm Joe, I'm a born and raised Vermonter, and I'm looking forward to participating in this project.

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Post by LCaulkins » February 13th, 2020, 10:42 am

Welcome! It will be nice to have you with us. :)

Continuing legacies gives us a great way to connect to our loved ones, doesn't it?

There are quite a few collaborative books to choose from in the Readers Wanted: Books forum board (On the Board Index page). When you're ready to record, choosing a chapter from one of those is a terrific place to start.

You'll want to do the 1-Minute Test before you spend time on a recording, to make sure all the specs are set up properly on your system/equipment.
~Lynette in Colorado, USA
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