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Post by FractalPariah » January 1st, 2020, 2:49 pm

Hi, I'm looking to start applying my pipes for something a little less useless than automobile karaoke. I first found Librivox in the years before college when I worked landscaping operating a leaf blower all day. Underneath my ear protection I was able to fit some earbuds through which I played a great many Librivox Sci-Fi short stories. I have no idea if Tabithat is still active round here but her recording of Little Fuzzy has been something that I've come back to maybe a dozen times, it truly is excellent.

I look forward to seeing if I can contribute some to the available sci-fi shorts but also I have a great interest in reading some more of Jack London and I think he's public domain so I may as well read them out loud :) That is, if there are any that have not already been read. With an author like London, it wouldn't surprise me if he's already been fully narrated.

Anyway, happy to be here! I don't have a computer right yet but I oughta be able to start something within a few days!

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