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Post by deborahdianecole » October 21st, 2019, 6:41 am

Hello, I'm Deborah and I'm new here. I'm very excited to get started as a LibriVox volunteer. I've listened to audiobooks in the past, but about two years ago I started reading, or listening to rather, Dostoevsky. I started Notes from the Underground and was captivated right away because the reader was so engaging. I've also listened to Crime and Punishment, which is my favorite book of all time, Poor Folk (something I haven't finished and need to get back to), The Brother's Karamazov, and I'm finishing up Dostoevsky's short stories now. I've listened to a few other books--Tolstoy's Confessions, things on philosophy and psychoanalysis, and I'm hoping to get through a lot more Russian authors in the near future.

I'm grateful to LibriVox and I'm excited to contribute as a reader and proof-listener. I'm looking forward to working with LibriVox and all of the volunteers here!


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