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Post by shieldmaiden7 » January 28th, 2019, 8:26 am

Hello - 30-year old gal in the Chicago-land-ish area. I discovered Librivox a few years ago as a way to absorb more literature, though I have less and less time to sit down with a book. I am hoping to volunteer and record now, to give myself a more concrete responsibility to read books, and to improve my speaking skills. I look forward to working on this great project with you all.

I will be recording my one minute test next week as I left my pop filter at someone else's house this weekend.

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Post by Piotrek81 » January 28th, 2019, 12:04 pm

Hello and welcome to LibrVox, shieldmaiden :) (that's a pretty epic username, I must say 8-) )
Interesting that you mention improving speaking skills as a motivation. I am wondering myself if reading aloud can do the trick :hmm:
Please read through your welcome email and you'll find there links to useful materials that will help you get started. most importantly the 1-minute test instruction. Once you've posted and recorded it, wait for feedback and as soon as the test is OKed, you're free to record.

Have fun :)
(from Poznań, Poland, where the snow has already melted)
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