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Post by smorganknutson » December 2nd, 2018, 8:41 pm

:D Hey, as a new user, I’d like to introduce myself. I listen to audiobooks by Librivox Recordings quite often. I started listening to them two years ago, in tenth grade. My teacher recommended that I listen to an audiobook since I was falling behind on the reading for class. I decided to follow her advice. Since I couldn’t really buy an audiobook version of Frankenstein on the spot, I needed to find a free version. I found one on YouTube, and so began my love for listening to audiobooks.

I find that listening to an audiobook goes by so much faster than reading a physical copy of the book. Since my ears are occupied when I listen, there’s a lot less distractions. I can sit back and knit or drink tea and relax. Because of Librivox, reading assignments for English went from something I dreaded to one of my favorite kinds of assignments.

I’m a bit of a slow silent reader. Writing is something that really intrigues me, so I tend to read passages over and over before moving onto the next part. I like to savor the details when I’m reading; even though I may have gotten the point of what the text is saying entirely, I can’t help but look back and reread for hidden meanings, tones, and to relive the moment.

Due to that, I began reading some of my assignments I couldn’t find as audiobooks aloud sometimes. I found that I enjoyed it. When we had class assignments that required a recording, I enjoyed reading the quotes from the books aloud.

I don’t have much interest in voice acting, I just like reading out loud. I thought maybe I could voice parts of an audiobook—you know, help in the process of making one. Maybe it might help someone else and their assignments.

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Post by moniaqua » December 6th, 2018, 12:07 pm

Welcome at LibriVox :)

We have plenty to read, or, if you feel more comfortable with it, books to listen to (pl-ing) here :) The most important thing is that you have fun here, though :)

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