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Post by nessalindsley » July 11th, 2018, 10:03 am

Hey everyone!

Undergrad in college who really only has time over the breaks but nonetheless is super excited to be a part of the LibriVox group!! I grew up on books and audiobooks and was made to read aloud so much by my parents that I’m like, okay at it now? XD

Looking forward to working with some of you!!

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Post by Kitty » July 13th, 2018, 4:37 am

Hello Nessa (not sure if that's your name, but it sounds good :9: ) welcome to LibriVox

only having time over the breaks is not a problem here. You do as much or as less as you can and like, we are all volunteers and understand that life has a way of happening :lol: Usually we have a two-month deadline for claimed sections to be handed in, so the projects are not stagnating too long. But I guess during two months you will have a break somewhere in between ;)

Starting out with a one-minute-test is recommendable, so you'll check if your tech-specs are up to LV standard. You can post your file here in a new thread: viewforum.php?f=21 and someone will come along and give you valuable feedback. After getting the ok you can go ahead and record. I see you already found a first project to start out with :)

Have fun !


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