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Post by cvanblom » June 7th, 2018, 6:54 pm

I am an eager Reader / trained Broadcaster / Mentor who enjoys sharing wisdom through my voice.
My intent is to share many-thoughts, considerations and mantras through many media (print / audio / video / etc. methods that are still in development.)
Having been an Educator / School teacher for 8 years, a Toastmaster for 20 years and having experience as a Live / On-stage Performer for 2 years; I am still adding to my resume to impact THE LARGER AUDIENCE as a Reader. I still reflect on this encouraging-mood shared by my English teacher during my Sophomore year in high school. <-Mrs. Miller shared THE FEELING OF EACH LESSON with such-aplomb that I still boast about her, today (37 years after my graduating high school.)
Coupled with the (also-many years) listening to professional radio broadcasts of Paul Harvey's...... Rest-of-the-Story-stories and applying his many Techniques, I continue my eagerness to impact my audiences wherever I might find A Stage / radio mic.

I am referred to you by my local librarian after collaborating with other local Voiceover artists.

(Using my Stage-name) I am Charlie Castle, eager to share the wisdom from the oldest form of communication - print, directly to your heart. - Let's collaborate!

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I removed your email - it can and will be harvested from the open forum. a few people do put them in their profile but you don't even need it there - we mostly operate in the forum.

Welcome aboard - hope you enjoy LV. Just get your 1 minute test posted and cgecked and you'll be able to get reading. We don't audition , but we do need the technical bits right before it can be used.

Our objective is to make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet. - Hugh McGuire.

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