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Post by Dennygomez » June 5th, 2018, 11:14 am

I love a great subject line...

Hi. My name is Denny. I'm retired, with a background in radio theatre, broadcast journalism, broadcast engineering, and audio production. (I'm also a great amateur chef.)
I currently volunteer in local assisted living facilities (playing guitar, singing songs, and telling stories), and I love books on tape.
As we age, I think most of us see the importance of giving of our time and talents to bless others. This seems a natural place for me to be of service.
I look forward to being a useful part of this project.


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Post by TriciaG » June 5th, 2018, 11:18 am

Welcome to...you, Denny! 8-) Holler if you have any questions. (And then post them, because I doubt we'll hear you holler.)

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Post by msfry » June 5th, 2018, 1:23 pm

Welcome to Librivox, Denny. Sounds like you have just the right skills for playing in the LV sandbox! :D

I agree that the elderly are in dire need of entertainment, and even more, companionship. My Mom's biggest complaint (she's 97 in an assisted Living facility) is that she is bored to death, and of course lonely. But with her hearing and eyesight failing, she can't hear audiobooks, can't even read large print books for long before her eyes get tired, the captions on the TV trail along too fast, and with her coordination going down, even simple arts and crafts are too difficult. She does like music (especially from her own generation). Guitar & piano mostly, but nothing electronic as it blasts out her hearing aides. We play dominoes and backgammon and work crossword puzzles endlessly. And she still likes food, so I cook for her alot! She is very social, so she wheels up and down the halls bringing the other residents fresh cherries, grapes, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, and other goodies I bring her. That is her Bitcoin, so to speak. But every day is difficult and I hope I am building up some good karma for the day when I am in her shoes. Sounds like you are too. For that I thank you. Keep up the good work.
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