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Get to know your fellow readers and tell us a little about yourself
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Post by tpeck2 » March 27th, 2018, 8:55 am

Excited to be here. Former public school teacher, now in Community Corrections teaching classes. Greatly excited to get started here, and to help some of these books live for eternity in a whole new way.

Michigan accent, so if you need a reader, let me know.

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Post by msfry » March 27th, 2018, 9:24 am

I need a reader! Yip, yip, yip. But first make sure you submit your 1 minute test over in the Listeners Wanted forum, as explained in your Welcome Letter, and once you get the OK on your tech specs, you can peruse our Readers Wanted forums and ask to claim a few sections. You can reach the forums by clicking the LV in the upper left corner of any forum page, or Board Index in the menu bar.

I'd be glad to have you on my project The American Book Of The Dog (link below), which has some shorter sections (8-12 pages), perfect for you to practice recording and editing, plus practice on what to say for the Intro and Outro to each file, correctly naming and uploading your files, responding to Proof Listener notes, etc. Most everything you need to know is in the First Post of every project, and you can always ask questions of the Book Coordinator (BC).

Michele Fry, CC
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