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Post by Spleakism » February 14th, 2018, 3:48 pm

My name is Gabriel, and I am an aspiring voice actor. I first discovered LibriVox while I was attending college back in 2011. I was looking for a free audio book for The Odyssey by Homer for my Intro to Philosophy class. I was excited to see that there was complete website dedicated to creating audio books out of books that are in the public domain. Since then, I have used several audio books that were created by the volunteer readers and LibriVox.

Now that I'm older, one thing has become more clear to me what I would like to do in life, and that is to be a voice actor. I believe volunteering to read public domain books will help push me in that direction, and get familiar with using my voice and all the steps needed to complete projects. I have purchased a good quality microphone ($200) and I have a drive to do the thing that I have a passion for.

I look forward to creating audio books and becoming a part of this community.

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Post by moniaqua » February 15th, 2018, 1:00 am

Welcome at LibriVox, Gabriel.

Sound like we can look forward to wonderful recordings :thumbs:

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