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Post by mithrawnurro » February 13th, 2018, 7:34 pm

Hey everyone ! I'm David and I'm from the northwestern United States. I'd heard about librivox a little over a year ago from a French lady who thought I'd enjoy listening to old Alexandre Dumas books but never got around to checking out this enterprise till a couple of days ago. I think it's awesome what's being done here and really enjoyed listening to the first librivox audiobook I downloaded. I would be glad to contribute by either reading or proof-listening....I just need to find the time in my schedule, haha. See ya guys around !


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Post by tovarisch » February 13th, 2018, 7:44 pm

Welcome to the fold, David!

Yep. That's how we hook 'em. We read to 'em, we get 'em to like it, and we tell 'em where to find us. That simple.

Jokes aside, any contribution even little, will help. So, look around, read some wikis, post some, maybe record the 1-minute test...

Watch out, though; if you decide to read, a year from now you're gonna be looking on used equipment sites for better recording gear. And then you'll know that you're hooked...

Good to have you with us! :)
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