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Post by FlameyFlame » February 1st, 2018, 1:54 pm

Hi all!

I'm an aspiring actor and theatre arts major at Portland State University. A long time ago I used to listen to old sci-fi stories on Librivox during my day job, and now I have rediscovered it as a way of listening to the plays I need to study for my theatre history courses (shoutout to user mb who is awesome in like every single text I have to read). Very excited to come in and hopefully be cast in a few dramatic works, and maybe make my way up to reading a full book like the ones I used to listen to. Once upon a time I was also a wannabe white rapper, which has left me with some half-decent recording equipment, software, and know-how, so I'll be glad to put those things to use again. I also host a weekly improv comedy podcast called Zoosday which you can find on your favorite podcast app.

Thanks Librivox for being such an awesome resource!
Tyler Hulegaard

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Post by Elizabby » February 1st, 2018, 3:32 pm

Welcome! I agree, mb appears in many of my early LV favourites, though sadly he's no longer active in recording. I loved him in "Little Women" and as Mr Collins in "Pride and Prejudice" especially!

If you want to start with some Dramatic voice acting, do your 1 minute test to get the tech specs approved, then click on the red link in my signature for the "Story of the Amulet". This is a children's book (in case you're not aware) which has lots of little parts in it. If you can do different voices, you can have a part in every chapter! How's that for an offer?! :lol:

Please do the 1 min test first though - I like books and reading, technical sound and computer stuff not so much...

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